Archives: September2007
  • Signed Copy of The Orc King

    R. A. Salvatore’s newest book, The Orc King, is currently available on The Signed Page. There are only 13 copies of this book signed by both Salvatore and Todd Lockwood (cover artist). It’s $40 and with only a limited number of copies available, making this a rare book, it will go quickly!

  • Heavenly Sword

    I saw the trailer and animated series for Heavenly Sword for the Playstation 3 today and it looked really, really cool. Now if only I could afford a PS3.

  • The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure

    The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure is the first of the Wraeththu Histories trilogy that Storm Constantine wrote about 17 years after writing the original Wraeththu Chronicles. This book begins about halfway through the first of the original Wraeththu books, The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, and ends shortly before the ending of the last of the original Wraeththu books, The Fulfillments of Fate and Desire. For that reason, I would not recommend reading this review unless you have read […]

  • On Vacation in Montreal

    I am on vacation in Montreal this week so I probably won’t be writing much, although I had some time to read while driving down. And I’ve had some time to read today since I’m not really sure what to do with myself since my fiance is at his conference (the reason we’re down here). Tomorrow we’ll be able to do more, at least. Of course, I had to find the nearest bookstore and I found one, Bertrand’s Bookstore, right […]

  • Flesh and Spirit

    Recently, I read the newest book by Carol Berg, one of my favorite authors and a very underrated one, at that. Flesh and Spirit is the first book in the Lighthouse Duology. Fortunately, the second book Breath and Bone is already completed and is supposed to be out in January 2008 so there is not a long wait for the closing volume. Valen, our hero – er, anti-hero – is a Pureblood, a sorcerer whose life is controlled by the […]

  • Robert Jordan Has Passed Away

    It has been announced on the Robert Jordan’s blog that the author of the beloved Wheel of Time series died at 2:45 this afternoon. It is very sad that he died so young of the rare disease amyloidosis, and I am sorry to hear it. It sounded like he was very optimistic about getting better, and for a while he sounded as though he was doing much better than expected. At least he died peacefully with his family and the […]