Fantasy Cafe is dedicated to reviewing and discussing speculative fiction books of all kinds—fantasy, science fiction, and young adult speculative fiction.  The name came from the fact that I can often be found reading a book and drinking a latte—or writing about a book here and drinking a latte.  When the site first began in a different location  in 2007, I mainly read epic fantasy but my reading horizons have broadened since then and I’ve found myself reading a wider variety of speculative fiction books.

Since 2012, Fantasy Cafe has hosted an annual April event focused on women in science fiction and fantasy that has featured guest posts from authors and bloggers throughout the month. Renay from Lady Business began a project accepting submissions for favorite speculative fiction books by women during April 2013, and we’ve put together a list of over 1,000 books recommended during these events.

I try to review most of the fantasy and science fiction books I read here. In addition to that, I just write about any SFF book-related news I find interesting, and occasionally I have interviews with authors or author guests.

To contact me, send me an email at kristen AT fantasybookcafe dot com.  If you are contacting me about reviewing a book, please read my review policy first (this also includes information on guest post and interview requests).

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