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Women in SF&F Month Banner Women in SF&F Month 2022: Thank You and Links

Thank you so much to all of this year’s guests for the amazing essays and another fantastic Women in SF&F Month! And thank you so much to everyone who shared guest posts and news of this year’s series—I really appreciate it! This year’s series may be over, but I wanted to make sure there was a convenient way to find all of this year’s guest posts in case you missed any of them or are finding this later. This April […]

Photo of Aparna Verma Women in SF&F Month: Aparna Verma

Today’s Women in SF&F Month guest is Aparna Verma! She is the author of the first book in The Ravence Trilogy, The Boy with Fire, which is described as “a glorious yet brutal tour-de-force debut that grapples with the power and manipulation of myth in an Indian-inspired epic fantasy.” Leading up to its release last year, she wrote about it on Goodreads, calling it “a magical conglomeration of Dune, Hindu mythology, Game of Thrones, and ATLA.” The Need for Angry, […]

Photo of Kritika H. Rao Women in SF&F Month: Kritika H. Rao

Today’s Women in SF&F Month guest is science fiction and fantasy author Kritika H. Rao! Her science fantasy debut novel, The Surviving Sky, is set in “plant-made civilizations held together by tradition, technology, and arcane science” floating above an uninhabitable planet. It follows a married couple, one of whom is an architect with abilities that help them remain afloat and the other of whom does not have this capability—and it’s scheduled for release this fall! IN DEFENSE OF QUESTIONS I […]

Women in SF&F Month 2022 Week 4 Graphic Women in SF&F Month 2022: April 25–26 Schedule & Week in Review

Thank you so much to all of last week’s guests for making it another great week of essays (plus one cover reveal)! The last two guest posts of this year’s Women in SF&F Month will be going up on Monday and Tuesday. But before announcing the schedule, here are last week’s essays in case you missed any of them. All of the guest posts from April 2022 can be found here, and last week’s guest posts were: “Why SFF?: Lies, […]

Photo of Davinia Evans Women in SF&F Month: Davinia Evans & Notorious Sorcerer Cover Reveal

Today’s Women in SF&F Month guest is Davinia Evans! Her debut novel, the fantasy adventure Notorious Sorcerer, will be available on September 13—and I’m delighted to also be revealing its cover by Lisa Marie Pompilio and Andrew Broyzna! (click to enlarge) Cover Design by Lisa Marie Pompilio Cover Silhouette Illustration by   Andrew Broyzna ABOUT NOTORIOUS SORCERER: In a city filled with dangerous yet heavily regulated alchemical magic, a man from the slums discovers he may be its only hope to […]

Photo of Vaishnavi Patel Women in SF&F Month: Vaishnavi Patel

Today’s Women in SF&F Month guest is Vaishnavi Patel! She’s the author of “Logic Puzzles,” “The Sister Line,” and Kaikeyi—the latter of which comes out next week! Her debut novel, available on April 26, “reimagines the life of the infamous queen from the Indian epic the Ramayana, weaving a tale of fate, family, courage, and heartbreak—and an extraordinary woman determined to leave her mark in a world where gods and men dictate the shape of things to come.” (And on […]