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Women in SF&F Month Banner Women in SF&F Month 2020: Thank You and Summary with Links

Thank you so much to all of this year’s guests for your fantastic essays and making the ninth annual Women in SF&F Month wonderful! And thank you also to everyone who shared about this month’s series—I really appreciate it! For those of you have may have missed any guest posts from earlier this month, you can browse through all of the Women in SF&F Month 2020 guest posts here, or you can find the individual links below. More information on […]

Reni K Amayo Photo Women in SF&F Month: Reni K Amayo

Today’s guest is Onwe Press co-founder Reni K Amayo! She’s also the author of “Andromeda,” a short story about the titular Ethiopian goddess, and Daughters of Nri, the first book in the Return of the Earth Mother series. Daughters of Nri, a young adult fantasy novel set in an ancient kingdom located in present-day Nigeria, is an enchanting story about twin sisters unaware of each other’s existence—or the fact that they are goddesses!—with beautifully handled themes centering community and connection. Why […]

Jeffe Kennedy Photo Women in SF&F Month: Jeffe Kennedy

Today’s guest is Jeffe Kennedy! She’s the author of many fantasy, romance, and fantasy romance books, including those in The Twelve Kingdoms trilogy, whose conclusion won the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Fantasy Romance, and The Uncharted Realms series, whose first installment won the RITA Award for Paranormal Romance. Her work has also been nominated for multiple RT Reviewers’ Choice, RITA, and PRISM Awards. The Fate of the Tala, the fifth book in The Uncharted Realms series and her latest novel, was […]

Women in SF&F Month 2020 Schedule Graphic Women in SF&F Month 2020: April 27–28 Schedule & Week in Review

Thank you so much to all of last week’s guests! The last two guest posts are going up tomorrow and Tuesday, but before announcing the schedule, here’s how to catch up on anything you’ve missed so far. All of the guest posts from April 2020 can be found here, the first week in review can be found here, the next week in review is here, and in last week’s guest posts: Sangu Mandanna (Celestial Trilogy, The Lost Girl, Color Outside […]

Robin Kirk Photo Women in SF&F Month: Robin Kirk

Today’s guest is Robin Kirk! She’s an award-winning poet and essayist, and her short fiction appears in Beyond the Nightlight, Tomorrow: Apocalyptic Short Stories, Wicked South: Secrets and Lies: Stories for Young Adults, and more. The Bond, her science fiction debut novel, received the 2018 Foreword INDIES Bronze Award for Young Adult Fiction and was a finalist in the 2019 Manly Wade Wellman Award for North Carolina Science Fiction and Fantasy. The second book in the Bond Trilogy, The Hive Queen, is coming out on August […]

Andrea Stewart Photo Women in SF&F Month: Andrea Stewart

Today’s guest is Andrea Stewart! Her story “Dreameater” was selected for Writers of the Future Volume 29, and her short fiction has also appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy’s Edge, and Mothership Zeta, as well as other publications. The Bone Shard Daughter, the first book in her debut epic fantasy trilogy, is coming out on September 8—but you can read an excerpt from it right now! HAPPILY EVER AFTERMATH When I was a kid, I had a big book of […]