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  • Cool Book Giveaway Contests

    I just saw on Ann Aguirre’s blog that Renegade, the short story about March from the Jax Universe is up on the “Free Reads” section on her site now. If you read the story and leave a comment on that post about what you liked best or liked the least about the story, you will have a chance to win a galley of the next novel in the Jax series, Wanderlust. The contest runs until June 2. Also, I saw […]

  • Fun ways to waste time

    I recently became addicted to the never-ending book quiz on Goodreads. Unfortunately, it lies and it just ended for me, but since members of the site are adding new questions every day, I’m sure there will be more before too long. Not all the questions are science fiction and fantasy related (in fact, very few are) but it was kind of fun to see what I remembered from high school literature and books I read a long time ago. I […]

  • Around the Blogosphere

    It’s kind of strange not to have a review that needs to be written since last weekend is the first time I’ve been caught up with reviews since March. I’m hoping to finish Dune in the next couple of days since it’s a long weekend and then it’s on to Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris, the winner of the what to read next poll. In the meantime, here are some interesting reviews or other speculative fiction related posts I’ve seen lately. On […]

  • Robert Asprin has died

    Robert Asprin, author of the Myth and Phule series and one of the original editors of Thieves’ World, died yesterday. As I mentioned in my review of Dragons Wild earlier this week, he was one of my favorite authors when I was growing up, and I’ve read and reread his early books probably dozens of times. Though Asprin had a very difficult personal life for many years that was reflected in his professional struggles, he at least was able to […]

  • Upcoming Releases

    I’ve seen a couple of release dates lately that caught my interest. Nation, the upcoming young adult book by Terry Pratchett, is scheduled for release on September 30 of this year. This is not a book in the Discworld universe but is a book he has had in mind for a few years and finally decided to write. It is available for preorder on Amazon. There is an announcement on George R. R. Martin’s news page that the next “Wild […]

  • Ann Aguirre Answers Reader Questions

    This post on Ann Aguirre’s blog answering reader’s questions about her novel Grimspace is absolutely hilarious. Apparently the ladies go wild for Vel. Who would have guessed a bug-alien would be so hot? Edit: Oops, had the wrong link to the post. I guess I didn’t actually copy the link and the last one I had was for a work-related site I was debugging in Internet Explorer earlier. It actually goes to the right post now, though!