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  • Update

    I hope everyone who celebrated it had a great Thanksgiving and the rest of you had a great week!  With the holiday I was hoping to get all kinds of blogging done but I have to admit I was lazy and did some reading but not a lot of reviewing.  I did finish The Habitation of the Blessed by Catherynne Valente and The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner so I’m hoping there will be reviews of those two […]

  • News & Links

    It’s probably going to be a bit quiet here until the holiday is over, but in the meantime here’s some links of interest. Seeing a release date for The Tempering of Men caused me to see if I could find a date for Sarah Monette’s next book.  Her next novel is titled The Goblin Emperor and will be written under the name Katherine Addison.  According to a recent post on her blog, it is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2012.  I […]

  • The Leaning Pile of Books

    Today I bought two books due to the fact that I had $10 in Borders bucks that were going to disappear if I didn’t use them over the next couple of days.  We can’t have that happening!  I was hoping to get the next Lee and Taro book by Moira J. Moore, but the bookstore didn’t have it so I ended up with these two instead: The Decoy Princess by Dawn Cook Dawn Cook is also Kim Harrison, the author […]

  • The Tempering of Men by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette

    Recently I came across a link to the Tor Spring/Summer catalog on and was very excited to see the sequel to A Companion to Wolves by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette was included.  The Tempering of Men will be released in hardcover in August 2011 and I cannot wait since I really liked the first book – and Bear and Monette are two of my favorite authors. Since my husband is a huge fan of Vernor Vinge, I also […]

  • resentingtheheroReview of Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore

    Resenting the Hero is the first book in the Lee and Taro series by Moira J. Moore.  Currently, there are five books in this fantasy series with a sixth in progress.  The books following this first novel are: The Hero Strikes Back, Heroes Adrift, Heroes At Risk, and Heroes Return, in that order. Nearly seven centuries ago, a group of people came to a planet and began a new life.  Unfortunately, they soon found that life was fraught with natural […]

  • October Reading

    As it’s halfway through November already (eek!), it’s a little late but here’s the October reading list (since my review of Resenting the Hero is so close to done but my brain is starting to feel too mushy to get it quite right).  It’s a short list, but that’s largely because I was working on getting this new site up and trying to get caught up on some reviews. Books read in October: 41. The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron […]