Review Policy

I do accept books for review consideration, although I am a little picky due to the fact that I have more books to read than spare time. While I wish I could read and review more of the books that are offered to me, I’m afraid that won’t be happening unless I somehow become independently wealthy. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

This site is dedicated to reviews of speculative fiction books.  I will review any book that appeals to me in any speculative fiction subgenre, but I mainly read fantasy and science fiction, including young adult fantasy, science fiction, and some urban fantasy. While I occasionally read horror or paranormal romance, I do not read them that often. I especially enjoy dark fantasy, fantasy heavily influenced by world mythology, and space opera. Character driven stories are my favorite kind.  Each author on the sidebar of this site is one I have read at least one book by that I liked so I’m very likely to be willing to review a book by one of them.

I prefer print copies but will on occasion review e-books. Since I own a lot of print books and that’s my reading preference, I’m not that likely to review an e-book, though.

Although I will consider books from small presses, I do not review self-published books. If I have read and enjoyed other books by the author of the self-published book, I may consider it, but that is the only exception.

Sending me a book does not guarantee a review; it just means I will take a look at the book and consider reading and reviewing it. Occasionally, I do write about books I do not finish. It is unusual for me to decide not to finish a book that I start, but sometimes I do end up deciding I just can’t read a book for some reason. In these cases, I state that I did not finish the book and discuss the reasons why. I always read at least 100 pages if posting about it.

Sending me a book does not guarantee a positive review.  I do try to review every single book I read whether I liked it or not; however, I will try to be fair and mention both what I liked and what I did not like.

If you do have a book that fits the guidelines for review consideration that you would like to send me, you can contact me at kristen AT fantasybookcafe dot com. (Please note that I do not have time to respond to every review query I receive. If you do not hear from me after two weeks, I am not interested.) If you have a link to an excerpt from the book, I’d love to see it. Thank you for your interest in having me review your book!

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