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If Tomorrow Comes by Nancy Kress Review of If Tomorrow Comes by Nancy Kress

Nancy Kress’ Nebula Award–winning novella Yesterday’s Kin grew into a trilogy of the same name, beginning with the expansion of this work into the novel Tomorrow’s Kin. The first third of this expansion is the previously published story of visitors from another planet coming to Earth, and the rest of the book covers the ten years following their departure—including the aftermath of the imminent event of which the aliens warned the people of Earth before they left. It shows how it […]

Tomorrow's Kin by Nancy Kress Review of Tomorrow’s Kin by Nancy Kress

Tomorrow’s Kin, Nancy Kress’ latest novel, is the first installment in a science fiction trilogy expanding on her superb Nebula Award–winning novella Yesterday’s Kin (my review). In its entirety, this novel spans about ten years: the first part contains the previously published story, which revolves around a geneticist whose interesting (though rather unremarkable) discovery leads to her being among the first to meet aliens, and the last two thirds continues after the end of the original novella. Though I did feel […]

This Gulf of Time and Stars by Julie Czerneda This Gulf of Time and Stars Blog Tour: Julie Czerneda Interview & Giveaway!

Today I’m delighted to be part of the blog tour for This Gulf of Time and Stars by Julie Czerneda! This soon-to-be released (November 3!) science fiction novel is the first book in the Reunification trilogy, which follows events in the Trade Pact trilogy. Although it technically ties into a larger series, it can be read by itself—I haven’t read either that trilogy or the prequel trilogy, Stratification, and I enjoyed reading This Gulf of Time and Stars. It completely […]