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Hugo Awards 2012: The Year of the Book Blogger?

Lately you may have begun to see a lot of suggestions that SFF book bloggers be considered for Hugo Awards in the categories Best Fanzine and Best Fan Writer. It’s an interesting discussion, and I personally would love to see some of my favorite book bloggers recognized for their hard work in writing about authors and books. At this point, most of my reading recommendations come from the various book bloggers I follow. I don’t know what I ever did […]

Vote for Your Favorite Review Site

And, no, it doesn’t have to be this one. 😉 Once again, the Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll for best review site is open. It will be until January 14. I was really surprised to see several of my favorites missing from the list and I wish I could add them all. It seems like a lot of the ones that were on there last year are missing, at least so far. Maybe I just caught it late last year […]

New Borders Sci-Fi Blog

I’ve been following Babel Clash, the new Borders blog for science fiction and fantasy, for a few days now and thought some of you may be interested. Last week’s guest was Kim Harrison, the author of the new book Once Dead, Twice Shy and The Hollows urban fantasy series (that reminds me I still need to read book 2 since I just got a hold of it recently). Kim discussed horror and phobias since her books are often shelved in […]