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Steles of the Sky by Elizabeth Bear Most Anticipated Books of 2014

2014 sounds like it will be an amazing year for books! That made it really difficult to make a list of my top 10 most anticipated books this year, though I couldn’t resist mentioning two additional books that I’m not positive will be out next year but will be pretty high on my must-read list if they are. First, here are the 10 books I am most looking forward to that will be released in 2014! Dust and Light (The […]

Dreamwalker by C.S. Friedman Books of 2014: Dreamwalker by C. S. Friedman

A lot of books coming out next year are starting to make me excited about reading in 2014! This upcoming book by C.S. Friedman sounds pretty interesting, plus I really enjoyed both of her other books I’ve read (science fiction novel In Conquest Born and dark fantasy novel Feast of Souls). Dreamwalker, the first book in a new series, is scheduled for release in February 2014. About Dreamwalker: All her life Jessica Drake has dreamed of other worlds, some of […]

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison Books of 2014: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

With 2013 barely past the halfway mark and many books coming out later this year that look interesting, it may seem a bit early to be talking about books in 2014. However, this is a book I’ve been excited about for a long time so I couldn’t resist mentioning it now that it has a cover and description! Katherine Addison is the pen name of Sarah Monette, the author of The Doctrine of Labyrinth series beginning with Melusine (followed by […]