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Bookworm Blues Women in SF&F Month: Sarah from Bookworm Blues

Today’s guest is Sarah from one of my must-read blogs, Bookworm Blues! Sarah reads and reviews a lot of fantasy and science fiction books, and she has an enthusiasm for reading that shines through her great, well-written reviews. Last year, she also hosted an amazing series on her blog in which she gathered some guest posts by authors and bloggers to discuss disabilities in science fiction and fantasy, and she is planning to do the same this year. Right now, […]

Women in SF&F Week 4 Women in SF&F Month: Week in Review and Week Four Guests

…And that’s the end of week three! Thanks to all the contributors for their wonderful discussions and recommendations. Week four has another great lineup, but first, here’s what happened last week in case you missed any of it. Week In Review Here are the discussions from last week: Angie from Angieville wrote a lovely, heartfelt post about the impact Susan Cooper had on her as one of the earliest science fiction and fantasy authors she discovered. Patricia McKillip discussed her […]

Bookworm Blues Header Women in SF&F Month: Sarah from Bookworm Blues

Today’s guest is Sarah from Bookworm Blues, one of my favorite SFF book review blogs! If you haven’t been there since last week, check it out since Sarah just got her own domain and a great new look for her site. Plus she put up a wonderful interview with Robert Jackson Bennett, author of The Troupe, and a rather interesting guest post on disability in fantasy by Elspeth Cooper, author of Songs of the Earth. The main reason I keep […]