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Bunbury in the Stacks Women in SF&F Month: Heidi from Bunbury in the Stacks

Today’s guest is Heidi, who runs the excellent blog Bunbury in the Stacks! I discovered her blog last year and it quickly became one of my favorites. Heidi is very friendly and responsive to comments, plus I love her reviews and the insightful observations she makes about the books she reads (and as a bonus, she has stellar taste in books!). I also find interesting books highlighted in her “With Bated Breath” feature, and I’m a fan of her feature […]

Women in SF&F Week 4 Women in SF&F Month: Week in Review and Week Four Guests

…And that’s the end of week three! Thanks to all the contributors for their wonderful discussions and recommendations. Week four has another great lineup, but first, here’s what happened last week in case you missed any of it. Week In Review Here are the discussions from last week: Angie from Angieville wrote a lovely, heartfelt post about the impact Susan Cooper had on her as one of the earliest science fiction and fantasy authors she discovered. Patricia McKillip discussed her […]