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Photo of Ashaye Brown Women in SF&F Month: Ashaye Brown

Today’s Women in SF&F Month guest is Ashaye Brown! Her YA fantasy debut novel, Dream Country, features a sibling rivalry between gods: the triplets Sleep, Dreams, and Nightmares, any of whom may have committed matricide. Dream Country will be out on April 27—exactly one week from today! Fantasy as Lucid Dream The relationship between fantasy and dreams can be confusing. As words, we have no problem recognising them as synonyms, both signifying the imaginary, mental imagery, the fantastic as a […]

Photo of H. M. Long Women in SF&F Month: H. M. Long

Today’s guest is H. M. Long! Her recently released Viking-inspired epic fantasy debut novel, Hall of Smoke, follows a warrior-priestess who is trying to set things right after having failed her goddess—and discovers there’s far more to her world and its deities than she’d been taught. A standalone sequel, Temple of No God, is scheduled for release in January 2022. Creativity in Crisis Hannah (H. M.) Long It’s March 2020. I’m hip-deep in drafting my second book on contract and editing […]

Sangu Mandanna Photo Women in SF&F Month: Sangu Mandanna

Today’s guest is The Lost Girl author and Color Outside the Lines editor Sangu Mandanna! If you’ve been following this site, you’ve probably seen me gush about her fantastic Mahabharata-inspired Celestial Trilogy, which begins with a secret princess besting her twin brother in a contest for a god-forged sentient warship—despite a war goddess advising her against taking that path. A Spark of White Fire, the first book in this young adult mythic space opera series, kept me riveted with superb pacing and […]