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Dark Cargo Women in SF&F Month: Elizabeth from DarkCargo

Today’s guest is Elizabeth from DarkCargo! DarkCargo is a collaborative blog that discusses books, conventions, and assorted topics related to science fiction and fantasy fandom. Elizabeth, who also does digital book conversion through Antimatter ePress, is very friendly on Twitter and I’ve come to very much enjoy chatting books with her. She often recommends books I don’t know much about or haven’t even heard of before—and I know she has great taste based on the books and authors she’s enjoyed that […]

Women in SF&F Week 3 2013 Women in SF&F Month: Week in Review and Week Three Guests

The second week of Women in SF&F Month has come to an end, and what a great week it was thanks to all the wonderful contributors! Thanks also to my husband John, who provided quite a bit of help with setting up this past week’s posts since I was very sick all week. (He’s also put together the graphics for this event, like the one for adding to the giant list of books by women on the sidebar right now.) […]