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Freda Warrington Women in SF&F Month: Freda Warrington (with Book Giveaway)

Today’s guest is fantasy author Freda Warrington! She’s written several books, but I discovered her work with the first of her stand alone Aetherial Tales novels and the first of her novels to be published here in the United States, Elfland. Character driven and beautifully written, it made me want to read everything she’d ever penned, a wish that has only grown stronger the more I read of her work. Her writing is elegant and effortless; her stories, myths, and […]

Elfland Review of Elfland by Freda Warrington

Elfland is the first book published in the United States by British author Freda Warrington, who has written nineteen fantasy novels total.  This book is the first of the Aetherial Tale novels, which is not exactly a series but rather a collection of books that take place in the same setting. A second Aetherial Tale novel, Midsummer Night, will be released on November 23.  Warrington is currently working on a third related novel, The Grail of the Summer Stars. Some […]

The Leaning Pile of Books

This month I bought one book for National Buy A Book Day. (I also decided to also make it “Buy Cookies and Caramel Mocha Day” at the Borders coffee shop – I hadn’t been to their cafe in a long time and didn’t realize just how delicious their cookies were but they were soft and chocolatey and really, really good. Maybe I need to make this a monthly holiday.) Every once in a while I try to go over there […]