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Signed Book Giveaway: All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

Today I’m giving away All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders! Since its release earlier this year, I’ve been hearing it’s wonderful, and I have one signed copy to give away courtesy of Tor Books. Those in the United States are eligible to enter this giveaway, and more details on the book and giveaway are below. ABOUT ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY (read an excerpt): Every so often a book comes along that transcends genre and moves into […]

Last Song Before Night Cover Mini Review: Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer

Book Description from Goodreads: A high fantasy following a young woman’s defiance of her culture as she undertakes a dangerous quest to restore her world’s lost magic Her name was Kimbralin Amaristoth: sister to a cruel brother, daughter of a hateful family. But that name she has forsworn, and now she is simply Lin, a musician and lyricist of uncommon ability in a land where women are forbidden to answer such callings—a fugitive who must conceal her identity or risk […]

The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin Mini Review: The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin

Book Description from Goodreads: This is the way the world ends. Again. Three terrible things happen in a single day. Essun, a woman living an ordinary life in a small town, comes home to find that her husband has brutally murdered their son and kidnapped their daughter. Meanwhile, mighty Sanze — the world-spanning empire whose innovations have been civilization’s bedrock for a thousand years — collapses as most of its citizens are murdered to serve a madman’s vengeance. And worst […]

Falling in Love with Hominids by Nalo Hopkinson Review of Falling in Love with Hominids by Nalo Hopkinson

Falling in Love with Hominids contains eighteen short stories by acclaimed author Nalo Hopkinson, whose accolades include a World Fantasy Award, a John W. Campbell Award for Best First Novel, a Locus Award for Best First Novel, a Philip K. Dick Award nomination, a New York Times Notable Book, two Sunburst Awards, a Gaylactic Spectrum Award, and a Prix Aurora Award. This collection also contains a foreword explaining the title’s origins and a brief introduction for each story, also written by the […]

Ash and Silver by Carol Berg Mini Review: Ash and Silver by Carol Berg

Book Description from Goodreads: In Dust and Light, national bestselling author Carol Berg returned to the world of the award-winning Flesh and Spirit. Now she continues the saga of a man whose past is veiled in shadows…. Ever since the Order of the Equites Cineré stole his memory, his name, and his heart, thinking about the past makes Greenshank’s head ache. After two years of rigorous training, he is almost ready to embrace the mission of the Order—to use selfless […]

The Changeling Sea by Patricia A. McKillip Review of The Changeling Sea by Patricia A. McKillip

I only discovered Patricia McKillip about three years ago. Of course, I’d heard of her long before then—she has won the World Fantasy Award and been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards, after all!—but I hadn’t actually read anything by her even though she’d been on my mental list of “authors to read someday” for quite awhile at that point. She might still be on that list had I not leafed through an ARC of Wonders of the Invisible […]