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Books and Legos

The most recent edition of Inside the Blogosphere, a feature over at Grasping for the Wind that asks several bloggers to answer the same question, is up. This time the topic for discussion is which favorite books would make a good Lego series. Which books do you think would make an interesting Lego set (favorites or not)?

All About Library Organization

A new edition of Inside the Blogosphere went up today at Grasping for the Wind, in which several of us discussed our methods of library organization. It’s complete with pictures so there’s also plenty of opportunity for library envy.

New Inside the Blogosphere

Part Two of the newest version of Inside the Blogosphere is up over at Grasping for the Wind. (So is Part One, but I’m in Part Two so that’s the one that counts.) For those who don’t know, Inside the Blogosphere is a series in which a question is posed to various bloggers and each of them writes a response. The question for this one is: If you could live in an SF/Fantasy/Horror world, in which one would you live? […]