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Asimov Estate Authorizing New I, Robot Books…

…and they’re already getting slammed: They should not be followed up and continued. Isaac Asimoc(sic) died forty years after they were first written. If he had wanted to follow them up, he would have. The author’s intentions need to be respected here. Ok, I’ll agree there’s logic to that. I’m sure if Asimov had wanted to toss another robot book in there, he would have. It’s not like he had any shortage of opportunity to publish new books, there’s only […]

A Brief Entry to Asimov

Note: I started this as a reply to a comment on my review of Marooned in Realtime, but it grew to the point where I decided to split it out into its own post. Well, the most important Asimov to read is the Robot-Empire-Foundation series (which is actually three separate series that he joined into the same universe after the fact). Wiki can give you the full list in chronological order, but I think how you read them depends on […]