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Review of Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor is a young adult contemporary fantasy novel coming out this September.  It will be available in hardcover, as an ebook, and as an audiobook.  Since it ends with “to be continued,” there will be at least one sequel, although I haven’t been able to find any information on it or how many books there will be total. (Update: I asked Laini Taylor about the number of books on Twitter and she said […]

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor The Leaning Pile of Books: BEA Edition (Young Adult)

This is the first of two posts on books from Book Expo America (BEA).  Instead of doing one post, I decided to split it into two with one focused on young adult (or in the case of the last book, middle grade – Amazon says it’s young adult but the ARC and Tor catalog both say middle grade so I’m trusting those instead).  The other post will be on books that fall into the adult fantasy, science fiction, and horror […]

Laini Taylor Plans to Write More Druj Stories!

This was too exciting not to mention… Earlier today Laini Taylor mentioned on Twitter that there was a discussion about favorite stories from her book Lips Touch: Three Times over at Readergirlz. Considering she also said she talked about her own favorite in the comments, I had to go check it out. In her comment, she said that she definitely has plans to write more stories about the Druj from “Hatchling.” “Hatchling” is not only my favorite novella in this […]

Laini Taylor Book News

Earlier this week Laini Taylor announced that her book tentatively titled Daughter of Smoke and Bone was picked up by Little Brown Books for Young Readers. Its release date is fall 2011. In the post on her blog, she discusses some of how this new book came to be and mentions that the next Dreamdark book will not be coming out anytime soon although she will finish them someday. This is very exciting news (the new book, not the lack […]

Another Goodreads Giveaway: Lips Touch

As I was browsing the giveaways on Goodreads tonight, I noticed they are giving away 10 copies of Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor (it is only available to US residents, though, unfortunately). This was the last book I reviewed and I absolutely loved it – it is even one of my top reads of the year so far. It has been a little slow here lately, but I’m planning to get back on track this weekend. For a […]

Review of Lips Touch: Three Times

Lips Touch: Three Timesby Laini Taylor272pp (Hardcover)My Rating: 9/10Amazon Rating: 5/5LibraryThing Rating: 4/5Goodreads Rating: 4.23/5 Lips Touch: Three Times is the newest book by Laini Taylor, author of Blackbringer and Silksinger from her Dreamdark series. Like her other two novels, Lips Touch: Three Times is a YA book, although it is darker and seems to be aimed at an older audience than the Dreamdark books (not that the Dreamdark series is not perfectly enjoyable to read as an adult but […]