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Assorted News and Links

There are a couple of links I’ve been meaning to write about and they keep collecting so I figured I may as well just aggregate them all instead of making separate posts. After the flooding in Nashville, Tennessee, the schools really need children’s books as well as storage bins. There are also wish lists on Barnes and Noble (mostly books for younger children) and Amazon (mainly books for YA/older children) for specific books that they would like replaced. To read […]


I don’t often make link posts, but there were a couple of links I saw this week that I wanted to mention so here they are. First off, some very sad news. Kage Baker, author of The Company series, is very ill and would love to hear from her fans (email and snail mail addresses are provided for anyone who would like to send her a message of support). Thanks to Adventures in Reading, I found this interview with Steven […]

Book Reviewer Link Meme

Thanks to Mulluane from Dragons, Heroes and Wizards for the reminder! John over at Grasping for the Wind started this meme for helping everyone find new blogs. His original post is as follows: My list of fantasy and sf book reviewers is woefully out of date. I need your help to fix that. But rather than go through the hassle of having you send me recommendations or sticking them in comments, what you can do is take the following list […]

Around the Blogosphere

It’s kind of strange not to have a review that needs to be written since last weekend is the first time I’ve been caught up with reviews since March. I’m hoping to finish Dune in the next couple of days since it’s a long weekend and then it’s on to Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris, the winner of the what to read next poll. In the meantime, here are some interesting reviews or other speculative fiction related posts I’ve seen lately. On […]