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Review of The Sparrow

The Sparrowby Mary Doria Russell448pp (Paperback)My Rating: 6/10Amazon Rating: 4/5LibraryThing Rating: 4.28/5Good Reads Rating: 4.29/5 Mary Doria Russell’s first novel, The Sparrow, failed to live up to my (rather high) expectations. I had heard that it had well-developed characters, an interesting first contact story, thought-provoking commentary on religious themes, and a haunting ending that stayed with you long after reaching the final page of the book. It sounded exactly like the kind of book I love, but it just did […]

Update and Review Previews

I haven’t put up a review in two weeks even though I have two to do. I feel like a horrible reviewer. Unfortunately, I have a big project at work due the end of next week and I knew there was no way I’d finish it on time with all my other projects if I didn’t work extra, so a lot of my spare time has been going into that and I haven’t had time to actually write a review […]