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Guest Review of Ender in Exile

Ender in Exileby Orson Scott Card377pp (Hardcover)My Rating: 6.5/10Amazon Rating: 3.5/5LibraryThing Rating: 3.82/5Goodreads Rating: 3.86/5 Though I am usually a rational sort of person (in a fluffy, out of touch with reality sort of way) I am also sometimes a bit of a sucker. One of the ways I’m sometimes a sucker is my habit of being loyal to authors and stories that have been good to me in the past even when they don’t necessarily deserve it any more. […]

Guest Shameless Retroreview Plug: The Abyss

For many years, back before I decided that choosing favorites was a no-win proposition, The Abyss held a rather bizarre distinction for me: it was both my favorite book and my favorite movie. This is bizarre, of course, because novelizations of movies are very rarely good, much less great, and film adaptations of books very rarely manage to capture the full power of an exceptional novel. But Orson Scott Card and James Cameron created such an exceptional pair of complementary […]