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The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M. Banks Science Fiction Book Recommendations

To close the Sci-Fi Month series of posts I’ve put up in November I decided to go back and give some recommendations about some of my favorite sci-fi books and series of all time. Since my husband has been reading science fiction much longer than I have I also asked him to contribute some of his favorites, which are after the dividing line below. Of course there are a lot of good books that we’ve left out, but the ones […]

Book Recommendations

I’m looking for fast-paced books that suck you in, keep you absorbed, and aren’t difficult to get back into if you happen to get interrupted – basically, the type of book you would want to read on a long drive or flight (more specifically, the type I would want to read on an 8 hour flight to or from Las Vegas). Any suggestions?

An Experiment – Need Some Urban Fantasy Recommendations

I have a Borders gift card I got for Christmas and will probably be going to Borders tomorrow to get some books to go with my other Christmas books (The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind by Fuyumi Ono and a numbered signed copy of Storm Constantine’s The Oracle Lips, which is a very lovely collection of short stories). Since I have not read much urban fantasy, I was thinking about getting a couple of urban fantasies to try. Any suggestions […]