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Another Fine Myth by Robert Asprin Review of Another Fine Myth by Robert Asprin

Another Fine Myth, originally published in 1978, is the first book in the Myth Adventure series begun by Robert Asprin, also known for his work editing Thieves’ World. Later books were co-written with Jody Lynn Nye, and she now continues to write the series on her own since Robert Asprin passed away in 2008. John recently interviewed Jody Lynn Nye about Myth-Quoted, the latest book in the series, and the Myth Adventures books in general. Normally I list the books […]

Giveaway: Myth-Quoted by Jody Lynn Nye Giveaway: Myth-Quoted by Jody Lynn Nye

Today I have one copy of Myth-Quoted by Jody Lynn Nye, the latest book in the Myth series begun many years ago by Robert Asprin and handed off to Nye several books ago, to give away (and an interview with Jody Lynn Nye is forthcoming). I haven’t read the Myth series yet, but this humorous fantasy series is among my husband’s favorites. He’s read all the books except this one, several of them often enough that he’s had to buy […]

Robert Asprin has died

Robert Asprin, author of the Myth and Phule series and one of the original editors of Thieves’ World, died yesterday. As I mentioned in my review of Dragons Wild earlier this week, he was one of my favorite authors when I was growing up, and I’ve read and reread his early books probably dozens of times. Though Asprin had a very difficult personal life for many years that was reflected in his professional struggles, he at least was able to […]

Guest Review of Dragons Wild

Dragons Wildby Robert Asprin368pp (Trade Paperback)My Rating: 6/10Amazon Rating: 4.6/5LibraryThing Rating: 3/5Goodreads Rating: 3.3/5 Dragons Wild is Robert Asprin’s return to solo writing after a long run of co-authored books and marks the beginning of a new humorous fantasy series from the author of the Myth and Phule’s Company books. Though his best work is now nearly twenty years old and many of his recent efforts have been uneven (and that’s being generous), Dragons Wild shows glimmers of Asprin’s previous […]