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Biting the Sun by Tanith Lee Review of Biting the Sun by Tanith Lee

Biting the Sun is an omnibus containing both of Tanith Lee’s Four BEE novels, Don’t Bite the Sun and Drinking Sapphire Wine, originally published in the 1970s. These two short science fiction books work best as a single volume: the first introduces the world and explores the main protagonist’s struggles with finding meaning within its confines, and the second has more forward momentum and is a more satisfying story. Biting the Sun‘s narrator (whose name is never revealed) lives in the […]

Towers Fall by Karina Sumner-Smith Sci-Fi Month: Guest Post by Karina Sumner-Smith

For the second year in a row, Karina Sumner-Smith is visiting for Sci-Fi Month! She has written a number of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories, and her Towers trilogy is set in the same world as her Nebula-nominated short story “An End to All Things.” Though the first book in this trilogy, her debut novel Radiant, was released last year, the trilogy has already been completed—the final book, Towers Fall, was just released earlier this month! Radiant is […]

Cagebird by Karin Lowachee Sci-Fi Month: Review of Cagebird by Karin Lowachee

I have a Sci-Fi Month confession to make: I didn’t think I liked science fiction for a long time. I once thought it was a dry and dull genre, full of flat characters who owed their existence to the need for someone to deliver tech-heavy exposition. Now I know the genre encompasses a wide variety of stories after reading many wonderful science fiction books and discovering television shows like Firefly, but the point is: had my introduction to science fiction […]

This Gulf of Time and Stars by Julie Czerneda Sci-Fi Month: Review of This Gulf of Time and Stars by Julie E. Czerneda

This Gulf of Time and Stars, Julie Czerneda’s latest novel and the first book in the Reunification trilogy, is set in the same universe as the Stratification and Trade Pact trilogies and continues Sira’s story after the end of the latter. I read it without having read any of the other Clan Chronicles books, and although it certainly wasn’t necessary to do so, I suspect I would have gotten more out of it had I read the other books first. […]

Sci-Fi Month 2015 November Is Sci-Fi Month!

It’s now officially Sci-Fi Month, a month-long celebration of all things science fiction begun by Rinn from Rinn Reads! This year it is being co-hosted by Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow. If you’re only hearing about it now and would like to be part of it, it’s not too late—anyone can participate at any time during the month of November! If you want to check out what’s going on this month, there is a schedule of posts by participating […]

Burndive by Karin Lowachee Review of Burndive by Karin Lowachee

Burndive, Karin Lowachee’s Prix Aurora-nominated second novel, is also the second book set in the Warchild Universe. It follows the phenomenal Warchild, a Philip K. Dick Award nominee that was published after it won the Warner Aspect First Novel Award. The third book in this setting, Cagebird, was also a Philip K. Dick Award nominee and won both the Prix Aurora Award and the Spectrum Award. As the son of Captain Azarcon and Austro Station’s senior public affairs officer, Ryan […]