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For Fans of Signed Books

DreamHaven Books currently has a fantastic selection of signed books by authors who have recently appeared there. These writers include Sarah Monette, Lois McMaster Bujold, Alastair Reynolds, Patrick Rothfuss, Charles de Lint, Jim Hines, Kelly McCullough, Christopher Moore, Elizabeth Moon, and Lyda Morehouse. If you scroll to the bottom of their home page you can see the complete list of authors who have recently signed books. It’s a very tempting selection. Also, if you are in the area (Minneapolis, Minnesota), […]

Signed Copies of Elantris for Sale!

I read in this post on Brandon Sanderson’s blog today that he has signed and personalized hardback (at least I assume that’s what “harback” is supposed to mean) copies of his first published novel Elantris for sale here. Elantris is harder to find in hardcover now than any of his newer books in the Mistborn series. I’d love to get one but I already promised not to buy any more books until The Born Queen comes out toward the end […]

Brandon Sanderson News: Signed and Free Books

Brandon Sanderson, the author who will be writing the final Wheel of Time book, has a limited number of signed hardcover copies of the first book in his Mistborn trilogy available on his website for $20 each. Last month I got a signed first edition copy of this book off of bookcloseouts.com (they’re all out now, unfortunately) since it should be a good collector’s item someday… plus I just love signed books. I’m a little over 100 pages into it […]

FantasyCafe Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve been looking around for interesting books for presents this year and thought I’d list some of the more interesting ones in case others are also looking for fantasy and science fiction book gifts that are more special than books you can get from a nearby bookstore. All the books below are autographed and are divided into price ranges ($100+, $50 – $99.99, and under $50). Be aware to pay attention to the instructions on any books ordered from DreamHaven, […]

The Signed Page

Fans of signed speculative fiction books may want to check out The Signed Page, which has signed copies of Richard K. Morgan’s Thirteen and Black Man and Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Justice available for pre-order. There are also signed copies of Martin’s A Feast for Crows currently in stock (I wish I’d known about this page when Storm of Swords came out – how I would love a signed first edition copy of that.) It’s a page worth checking out once […]