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Review of The Last Hawk

The Last Hawkby Catherine Asaro480pp (Paperback)My Rating: 9.5/10Amazon Rating: 4.5/5LibraryThing Rating: 3.85/5Goodreads Rating: 3.86/5 The Last Hawk is the third published novel in Catherine Asaro’s Saga of the Skolian Empire series. The books within this romantic science fiction series are written about several different characters and many of the books can stand alone. The Last Hawk is the first book about Kelric, the Imperator’s half brother and heir, whose story is continued in Ascendant Sun. Although this novel takes place […]

Review of The Radiant Seas

The Radiant Seasby Catherine Asaro512pp (Paperback)My Rating: 8.5/10Amazon Rating: 4.5/5LibraryThing Rating: 3.93/5Good Reads Rating: 4.07/5 The Radiant Seas is the direct sequel to Primary Inversion, an earlier novel in Catherine Asaro’s Skolian Saga. Although Asaro’s website says all the books in the series are intended to be stand alone with the exception of the Triad duology (originally written as one book until it became too long), I would recommend reading Primary Inversion first. I don’t think I would have enjoyed […]

Review of Primary Inversion

Primary Inversionby Catherine Asaro384pp (Paperback)My Rating: 8.5/10Amazon Rating: 4.5/5LibraryThing Rating: 3.63/5Good Reads Rating: 3.94/5 Primary Inversion, a novel in the Skolian Saga, is the debut novel of Nebula Award winner Catherine Asaro. Although it is not chronologically the first novel in the series, it is supposed to be a good place to start. The series mostly focuses on the story of different members of one family and a few of the books are closely linked (for instance, The Radiant Seas […]

Update and Review Previews

I haven’t put up a review in two weeks even though I have two to do. I feel like a horrible reviewer. Unfortunately, I have a big project at work due the end of next week and I knew there was no way I’d finish it on time with all my other projects if I didn’t work extra, so a lot of my spare time has been going into that and I haven’t had time to actually write a review […]