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Specfic Romantic Header Women in SF&F Month: Janice from Specfic Romantic

Today’s guest is another of my favorite bloggers, Janice from Specfic Romantic! As indicated by her blog’s name, Janice often reads and reviews speculative fiction with a romantic element or subplot, though she also reads a variety of interesting books in general. I met Janice at the first Book Blogger Convention and was delighted to discover we had similar taste in books. She’s enthusiastic and fun to talk to and it comes through on her blog. It is a joy […]

YA Speculative Fiction Giveaway Women in SF&F Month: Giveaway and Week Two Guests

This last week was a wonderful start to Women in SF&F 2013, thanks to all the contributors and their great guest posts! In case you missed any of the articles, they’re included in this post. I am also announcing the guests for the upcoming week and giving away seven speculative fiction books written by women. First, I’d like to bring your attention to another series that is going on this month that you may be interested in if you’ve been […]