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Final Thoughts: Camp Concentration

The first book blogger discussion week has come to an end. (For more information on the origins of this, you can read about it at OF Blog of the Fallen.) It was a great idea and I’m looking forward to the next one covering Schismatrix Plus by Bruce Sterling in December. Although I didn’t think it was a particularly enjoyable book, Camp Concentration was a great selection since it offered more to talk about than a lot of the more […]

Blogger Book Club Review of Camp Concentration

Camp Concentrationby Thomas M. Disch192pp (Trade Paperback)My Rating: 6.5/10Amazon Rating: 4/5LibraryThing Rating: 3.81/5Goodreads Rating: 3.81/5 Today marks the beginning of the first in what will hopefully be many Blogger Book Club Discussions. Larry from OF Blog of the Fallen came up with the idea of selecting an older book every month to discuss on various blogs. It’s a casual discussion with an entire week for posting reviews and no obligation to participate every month. The October discussion book is the […]