I was hoping to get at least one review up today since it was finally Saturday, but I ended up getting distracted with making the blog a little more interesting… And before I knew it, the day was gone and I hadn’t done much other than some household chores and working on the blog. Oh well, it will be nicer in the long run and I’m excited to see it looking better!

I did a few things I’ve been wanting to do for a while – getting a bunch of books added to my librarything account so I could use it for random books and to display what I’m reading and adding pictures to posts. Thanks to Chris from The Book Swede for reminding me I’ve been wanting to add pictures. 🙂

My fiance also made me the new graphic that has been added, which I’m very happy with. I told him I wanted a dragon sitting in a coffee cup, so he did the next best thing. I like what he did better than my idea anyway.

Next up is to add a few more links… And, of course, adding those 2 reviews (or 3, since I’m getting close to the end of The Golden Compass) that I’m behind on.