Since opinions differ on ratings and what exactly certain numbers mean, I thought I’d just write a summary of how I see it.

My ratings system is based on a 1 – 10 scale. Basically, anything on the low end (1 – 4) is bad, in the middle (5-6) is ok, and on the high end (7 – 10) is good.

The following is a more detailed explanation of the specific ratings:

10 – Outstanding. A book that stuck with me long after I put it down. The only books I would give a 10 rating would be books that made it into my list of favorite books ever.

9 – Excellent. The book was very good, but was better than your average good book by being unique or thoughtful, having great characterization, and/or just being a lot of fun to read.

8 – Very good. Not a book that kept me thinking about it a lot after I put it down, but very enjoyable and better than just a worthwhile book.

7 – Good. Worth reading but nothing spectacular or mind-blowing.

6 – All right. An ok book that had some interesting elements.

5 – Meh. It’s not terrible but nothing about it intrigued me for a second.

4 – Somewhat bad. Definitely not worth reading.

3 – Very bad. Not worth glancing at.

2 – Terrible. All memory of this book should be erased.

1 – Complete crap. The author must have had incriminating photos of somebody in the publishing industry. Books like this are almost enough to make one believe in book burnings.