I was going to post this last night, but blogger was down when I went to do so. Over at OF Blog, there is a kind of fun reading game if you’re one of those people (like me) who can never get enough of book lists. You list 5 books recently read and one you want to read in the near future.

I’ve read a couple of books this year that I would rather forget about, so I won’t do 5 most recent, but 5 from this year:

The Book of Joby by Mark Ferrari (My Review)
Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (My Review)
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (My Review)
Breath and Bone by Carol Berg (working on a draft for the review)
Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro

I have problems with only picking one book I want to read in the near future since there are many, but one I’ve been thinking I’d like to read a lot lately (but not necessarily next) is:

Melusine by Sarah Monette

What does your list look like?