I visited Realms of Speculative Fiction today and found I’ve been tagged. I’m now supposed to get the nearest book, turn to page 123, and copy the fifth sentence.

Hm, there an awful lot of books that could qualify as “nearest” with 8 bookshelves here… So I chose the book I just finished, Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear. That sentence is…

You should go.

Well, that’s a boring sentence. What’s on page 223?

Seeker whirled and hurled the glass into the fireplace.

There, now there’s some drama! “You should go.” *smash* “You can’t tell me to go! Maybe you should go!” (Ok, really, the first sentence was in reference to visiting America and was not at all dramatic but I feel a little gypped that I don’t have a sentence that implies the presence of pirates and wenches like over at OF Blog. So soap opera theatrics is the best I’ve got, even if I had to invent it.)

Guest reviewer John saw The Game of Thrones role playing book on the nearest shelf and wanted me to do that one, so I’ll do that one for him. It says:

Raiders live on the edges of society, neither peasant nor noble, but somewhere in between.

I just can’t win – a sentence on raiders and all they’re doing is existing and being an average person.

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