The other day I was browsing Elizabeth Bear’s website and found out that she plans to write at least a dozen “Promethean Age” novels. When I heard there were two books out and two more coming out this year, I figured that would be the end of the series. However, Bear would like to write a large number of novels that are either stand-alones or duologies that take place during various time periods within this setting. So far, I am loving this complex series with its vast blend of references to mythology, literature, and history, and I would really like to see the rest of these books published.

The first set of “Promethean Age” novels is comprised of Blood and Iron (review) and Whiskey and Water (review). These recount tensions between our world and the Faerie realm in 1997 and 2004.

Ink and Steel, the first book in “The Stratford Man” duology, came out last month and the next book Hell and Earth is out tomorrow (supposedly – I actually saw it in my local Borders today). The most recent pair of novels focuses on Elizabethan England and sounds as though it tells more of Christopher Marlowe’s story that we’re given brief glimpses of in Whiskey and Water. I’m looking forward to reading these two.

Information on the series including the first three chapters of Blood and Iron and Ink and Steel can be found here.