It’s Saturday again so it is time to announce giveaway #2 of the month! I’ve decided not to go in order of favorites each week even though I did my very favorite books of the year first (mostly because favorite book #2 is one of the four books I haven’t found time to review yet between work and the holiday season). Last week’s giveaway was fantasy so it’s time to give away a science fiction book.

This week’s book is The Player of Games, one of the Culture novels by Iain M. Banks (review). Even though this book is technically part of a series, it is a stand alone book with a beginning, middle and end. The Culture books are loosely connected since they take place in the same universe but follow different characters. This was the first book in the series I’ve read and my favorite so far (although I’ve only read one other). The Player of Games blew me away with its depictions of society, the way it drew me in in the first half a page, and the layers and depth it contained while being a very readable, fun story. I also enjoyed that the main character was an extraordinarily intelligent professional strategy game player instead of an action/adventure hero.

Contest Rules

To enter, send an email with the subject “Games” to fantasycafe AT Please include your mailing address. Addresses will only be used for sending the book out quickly and all messages will be deleted once the contest is over.

The contest is open to anyone, no matter where you live. One entry per person is allowed.

Entries for the contest will be accepted through 11:59 PM on Saturday December 20. The next contest will be announced sometime that day.

You can also still enter to win a copy of one book of your choice from Sarah Monette’s The Doctrine of Labyrinth series until midnight!