Now that I finally got that Kushiel’s Dart review written, I’ve been working on a review of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. That was one of my “scary science fiction” books and I made it my challenge book for the month of January.

After that, I will be reviewing:

Inside Straight edited by George R. R. Martin
The Charmed Sphere by Catherine Asaro

I also finished Dead Witch Walking, the first Hollows book by Kim Harrison, last night. Although I’ll be reviewing it, it will be over at The Book Smugglers a little later this month, since they dared me to read it. In return, I dared Ana and Thea to read and review one of my favorite books, Melusine.

In preparation for the movie next month, I’ve just started reading Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic novel, and I’ve been reading short stories from Storm Constantine’s The Oracle Lips collection here and there.