Interested in reading all about Wolverine from the X-Men? I have five copies of The Wolverine Files by Mike W. Barr to give away (sorry, US and Canada residents only for this one).

Here is the book description from the Simon and Schuster website (where you can also purchase The Wolverine Files if you absolutely can’t wait to find out if you won a copy):

This book is a top secret compilation of all known facts about the mutant called Wolverine (a/k/a Logan, Weapon X, Patch, the Runt). This report, generated by the concerted effort of SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law Enforcement Division) agents, is intended for the eyes of SHIELD personnel only, and is not to be copied, distributed, disseminated, or in any other way leaked to the general public due to the delicate nature of the information herein. It details Wolverine’s origins, career, friends, allies, in all manner of specifics.

Be aware that representatives from Simon & Schuster publishing have been sniffing around, endeavoring to obtain this information through the Freedom of Information Act. We cannot begin to imagine the tremendous, even incalculable damage that would be sustained by both Wolverine and by our information-gathering forces should this report wind up for purchase in local bookstores. Let us hope such an event never comes to pass.

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Giveaway Rules

If you would like to enter, just send an email to fantasycafe AT novomancy dot org with the subject “Wolverine.” Please include your name and mailing address so the book can be sent to you as quickly as possible if you are fortunate enough to win a copy. The giveaway ends on Thursday June 4.

Good luck!