I was hoping to get up a review of Starfinder, John Marco’s YA fantasy adventure that was released today, but after finishing work and then doing the grocery shopping, I was too tired. It is about halfway done so I am hoping to finish it tomorrow night (I usually end up working on reviews while waiting for Lost to come on). In the meantime, there is a very good interview with John Marco over at SciFiGuy – and a giveaway for a signed copy of the book.

Right now, I’m reading the new Lane Robins book, Kings and Assassins, that came out toward the end of last month. I really enjoyed her previous novel Maledicte and I’m also really enjoying this one. It’s definitely for people who like characters who aren’t always pleasant people, though.

Last week I visited Lane Robins’s blog and I discovered she actually had two books come out last month – she also wrote an urban fantasy under the name Lyn Benedict called Sins & Shadows. I hadn’t heard anything about that but ever since then I’ve been dying to read it, so I got a copy today and am planning to read it next.

After that, I plan to read Blackbringer by Laini Taylor, and then if I don’t chicken out I’ll attempt to read a book containing hard science fiction with my personal challenge book for this month, The Mote in God’s Eye. I’m hoping to have time to squeeze in Busted Flush, the second book in the new Wild Cards trilogy after that, but if not, I’ll read it sometime next month. (Last Argument of Kings will probably be one I review next month, too, since even though Best Served Cold isn’t a sequel I’d like to read that one first. And I desperately need to procure Santa Olivia, the new Jacqueline Carey book that is coming out the end of this month.)

So what are you reading/hoping to read soon?