Is anyone reading any special books for Halloween this October? I realized what month it was and decided I want to read one or two books that are fitting, but it’s hard to pick those types of books when you’re too much of an easily creeped-out wuss to be much of a horror fan (as a kid, just hearing the spooky Unsolved Mysteries music on TV kept me awake at night – and I saw the movie Aliens on TV when I was about six years old and was spooked out of my mind anytime I was alone for at least a year).

Last year I read a book that was not horror but was very fitting for Halloween – The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. After looking through the bookshelves, I’m not sure what else I have that fits but came up with a few possibilities:

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

My Soul to Keep by Tananarive Due (which I was considering reading this month anyway)

The Good, the Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison (Although it is shelved in horror, the first book was not horror, but it does have vampires, demons and witches so it may be somewhat fitting.)

The Duma Key by Stephen King (Confession time: I have never read a book by Stephen King, even though he’s a local author – and someone just about everyone has read. So one of my friends who is a big fan loved this one and sent it to me for my birthday. It’s the only book that I own that is definitely horror, but it also doesn’t sound like “Halloween” season horror. Plus it’s a little longer than I wanted to read right now with the amount of spare time I have.)

So, to anyone who has read those books… Are any of them good reads for Halloween? Or are there other books I should read instead?