It’s Sunday so it’s time to post any new additions to the TBR for the week. I have three new ones and they are all copies I received for review.

By the Mountain Bound by Elizabeth Bear

I was psyched to get a copy of the second book in The Edda of Burdens series a few days ago – it is one of my most anticipated 2009 releases (it’s out on October 27). Elizabeth Bear is one of my favorite authors and I loved the first book in this series, All the Windwracked Stars. (Well, I called it the first book but this is actually a prequel to it even though it is the second book – which excited me even more because I cannot wait to read about the events leading up to All the Windwracked Stars.) The Edda of Burdens series is based on Norse mythology, and I just absolutely love how Bear writes anything based on mythology. I just started The Bone Key by Sarah Monette for my last Halloween read (I can’t believe I forgot about this book when I was trying to think of horror/Halloweenish novels – I was going to read Sunshine but decided I’m vampired out for the moment), but as soon as that is finished, I’m reading By the Mountain Bound.

Servant of a Dark God by John Brown

Ever since I first read Tia’s review of this book over at Fantasy Debut (which has just moved to Debuts & Reviews), I’ve been intrigued by it. Plus I really like how ominous the title sounds and enjoy reading new debuts, so I’m looking forward to reading this one.

An Illustrated Guide to Mythical Creatures by David West and Anita Ganeri

This is a children’s book that’s exactly what the title says – information on mythical creatures with illustrations. It’s relatively short so it’s not an exhaustive guide by any means, but it looks as though it could serve well as an introduction to these creatures for younger readers (of course, I haven’t read it yet – only flipped through it a bit to see what was there).