Is it just me or does each month go by faster than the last? Or maybe it just doesn’t feel like October since the last week has been 70 degrees… in Maine. It was even approaching 80 degrees a couple of days ago. Crazy.

First a general update… I am finally working on a new blog redesign! Or rather my husband is as I have no artistic ability whatsoever (he’s the one who designed my coffee cup and logo here). He started a new header the other night and when he told me what color it was I kind of cringed. But then I saw it… And LOVED it! So much that I keep asking to see it and end up staring at it wishing I could put it up RIGHT NOW. My husband finished the header today and has gotten most of the rest of the design and colors worked out so hopefully we can start actually setting up the website soon. I’ve been terrified about changing it, but now that I have a new look to be excited about I’m eager to get it up. And since this January will be the start of my fourth year running this site, it really is time for a new design.

September was a great month for reading – I read more books than normal, and I’ve even reviewed some of them already! Here’s the list for September:

34. Lady Lazarus by Michele Lang
35. Blameless by Gail Carriger
36. Lord of the White Hell: Book Two by Ginn Hale (Review)
37. An Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire (Review)
38. Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light by Tanya Huff
39. The Sevenfold Spell by Tia Nevitt (Review)
40. The Fire’s Stone by Tanya Huff

Favorite book of the month: Since it was every bit as good as the first book, that would be Lord of the White Hell: Book Two. It was a decent month, although I’m sure it helped that I read two new installments in series I have become addicted to (Blameless and An Artificial Night).

Now to decide which longer book should I read soon while I’m getting caught up on reviewing some of these books. Elfland? Cold Magic? Kushiel’s Chosen? Daughter of the Forest?

What books did you read in September? What did you think of them?