Update on June 15: Since this is old news now and everyone seems to be getting here when searching for reviews of this book, here’s the Magic Slays review posted yesterday!  In case that is what you were actually looking for…  Now back to the original post if you were in fact interested in that.

Today Ilona Andrews posted the cover for the fifth book in the Kate Daniels series, Magic Slays.  This makes me happy – after reading Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds, I cannot wait to find out what happens next!  Books three and four really made me think this is how a series should be – a little more is revealed with each book while ramping up the suspense about Kate’s history, it’s action-packed but also character-focused, it’s both memorable and entertaining, and it makes me laugh.  I love this series and seeing the next book coming closer to finished is very exciting!

Magic Slays