This week brought some pretty exciting books since I finally got my copy of A Dance With Dragons, the fifth installment in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.  Better yet, I got it signed along with a new hardcover copy of A Game of Thrones (because I really needed a third copy of this book, but oh well – it’s signed and it’s one of two books in the series I didn’t already have in hardcover other than the Science Fiction Book Club version).

A Dance With Dragons Signed by George R. R. Martin

I’ve already talked about this plenty and included the usual information on the giveaway page, so all I’ll say about that now is that I’m almost halfway through it, loving it, and wishing I could read faster because I want to know what happens (especially since my husband finished it early this morning and is taunting me with knowing what happens).

I also got two review copies, one of which I’ve already talked about since I got it at BEA this year.  Since I already talked about it, I’m not going to include the cover and blurb again, but if you are interested in learning more about Blood Rights by Kristen Painter, you can read more about it here.

So that just leaves one book:

A Blight of Mages by Karen MillerA Blight of Mages by Karen Miller

That sounds like quite a problem, having a blight of mages.  This is a stand alone book set in the same world as The Innocent Mage.  Although it says it’s available in August, it appears to already be shipping on Amazon. A Blight of Mages is available both in hardcover and as an ebook.

Hundreds of years before the great Mage War, a land lies, unknowing, on the edge of catastrophe…

Barl is young and impulsive, but she has a power within that calls to her. In her city, however, only those of noble blood and with the right connections learn the ways of the arcane. Barl is desperate to learn-but her eagerness to use her power leads her astray and she is banned from ever learning the mystic arts.

Morgan holds the key to her education. A member of the Council of Mages, he lives to maintain the status quo, preserve the mage bloodlines, and pursue his scholarly experiments. But Barl’s power intrigues him-in spite of her low status.

Together, he realizes they can create extraordinary new incantations. Morgan’s ambition and Barl’s power make a potent combination. What she does not see is the darkness in him that won’t be denied.

A Blight of Mages is the new novel set in the world of Karen Miller’s bestselling debut The Innocent Mage.