If you checked in here anytime between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, you would have seen a post where Maria V. Snyder talked about how she develops fantasy maps for her books.  I have decided to remove this post; if you’d like to read it, you can see it at Seeing Night Book Reviews.  In fact, I chose to remove it specifically because you can read it elsewhere.

As I explained to the publicist who contacted me about the book tour and initially offered to give me an “interview” with Maria where I could choose from a list of pre-written questions and answers, I prefer to only run original content on my blog.  I have this policy for many reasons, including that I do not want to feel that I am stealing content from another blog and that I hope when people visit Fantasy Cafe they will do so with the expectation of finding something they haven’t seen before.  Despite my expressing this preference to the publicist, they chose to send me the post you saw without informing me that it had already been published elsewhere.  I apologize to both you my readers and Seeing Night Book Reviews for using that content.

Since I have already been receiving entries for it, I am leaving the contest to win a free copy of Touch of Power up and only removing the duplicate content.

I don’t mean to make a big deal out of it, but I felt like I should explain why the post disappeared.  I’ll be back to regular reviews and updates soon, including (I hope) a review of Cold Fire!