Yesterday Elizabeth Bear announced that Promethean Age novel #5 will be published. One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King will most likely be released next year! Although it is book 5 in publication order, it is a stand alone novel with part of it taking place long before Blood and Iron and Whiskey and Water and part of it taking place between these two books.

After the first four Promethean Age novels came out, there was a long period of time when Elizabeth Bear wasn’t sure if any of the rest would be published, which made me terribly sad because I really enjoyed the first four and wanted to read more stories set in this world. When I interviewed Elizabeth Bear last year, I asked her about them both because I was hoping maybe there was news about them and because I was curious about the series as a whole and its vast scope, taking place in different locations and different time periods. At the time, they were without a publisher, but she had mentioned that book #5 was written but without a publisher and briefly described it:


It’s set in Las Vegas, and has a lot of focus on our modern myths and stories.

That little bit made me desperately want to read it!

Blood and Iron, the first published Promethean Age book, was actually my introduction to Elizabeth Bear’s writing and it’s a special book to me for that reason. Plus I enjoyed it immensely for its gorgeous prose, gray characters, mythology, and subtlety. I am so glad a new book will be released in this setting.

In case you’re unfamiliar with but curious about the Promethean Age books, here are my reviews of the books released so far:

  • Blood and Iron (#1 in publication order)
  • Whiskey and Water (#2 in publication order and a direct sequel to the first book)
  • The Stratford Man (#3 and #4 in publication order but can be read without reading Blood and Iron/Whiskey and Water first)