Women in SF&F Month Banner

The second annual Women in SF&F Month starts tomorrow! The entire month of April will be dedicated to highlighting the contributions of women to speculative fiction. There will be guest posts by women who write speculative fiction and women who share their love for the genre with others on their blogs throughout the month. Like last year’s series, some guests will be discussing the subject of women writing speculative fiction, but not necessarily, since the goal is to get some interesting people, thoughts, and books all in one place—and perhaps find some new books or blogs to read! (I have already madly been adding books to my wish list from reading the guests posts that will be going up this month.)

I’m very excited about this year’s guests, and I hope that everyone enjoys it! The guests for the first week are:

Women in SFF week1 2013

April 1: Renay from Lady Business
April 2: Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel’s Legacy; The Sundering; Santa Olivia)
April 3: Karin Lowachee (Warchild; Burndive; Cagebird; The Gaslight Dogs)
April 4: Sherwood Smith (Crown Duel; A Stranger to Command; Inda)
April 5: Ana and Thea from The Book Smugglers
April 6: Lane Robins, aka Lyn Benedict (Maledicte; Shadows Inquiries)