Women in SF&F Month Banner

It’s that time again—time to announce this week’s Women in SF&F Month guests! But first, thank you to last week’s guests for another great week. In case you missed any of these articles, here’s what happened last week:

And now, the schedule for the following week, beginning tomorrow!

Women in SF&F Month Week 3 Guests

April 17: Rachel Cotterill (Strange Charm, Watersmeet, Chronicles of Charanthe)
April 18: Susan Jane Bigelow (Extrahumans series, The Daughter Star)
April 19: Kari Sperring (Living with Ghosts, The Grass King’s Concubine)
April 20: Dina (SFF Book Reviews)
April 21: Janny Wurts (Wars of Light and Shadow, To Ride Hell’s Chasm)
April 22: TBD