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Thank you so much to all of last week’s guests! This month is flying by, and I can hardly believe the fourth week of guest posts begins tomorrow. Before announcing next week’s schedule, here’s some information on previous guest posts in case you missed any of them.

All of the guest posts from April 2019 can be found here, and in last week’s guest posts:

On the first day of the month, Renay discussed history and SFF fandom—and revealed the recommendations list of science fiction and fantasy books written by women with 2018’s submissions included. She also invited you to add more books by women writers that you loved this month so they can be added to the list. (If this isn’t your first time adding some favorites to the list, you can also add up to 10 SFF books by women that you discovered in the last year or since the last time you added them—and thank you so much for recommending books for the list!)

Next week, Women in SF&F Month 2019 continues with guest posts by:

Women in SF&F Month 2019 Schedule Graphic

April 22: Swati Teerdhala (The Tiger at Midnight)
April 23: Nalini Singh (Psy/Changeling, Psy/Changeling Trinity, Guild Hunters)
April 24: Hafsah Faizal (We Hunt the Flame)
April 25: Nafiza Azad (The Candle and the Flame)
April 26: Fran Wilde (The Fire Opal Mechanism, Bone Universe, Riverland)