The Leaning Pile of Books is a feature in which I highlight books I got over the last week that sound like they may be interesting—old or new, bought or received in the mail for review consideration. Since I hope you will find new books you’re interested in reading in these posts, I try to be as informative as possible. If I can find them, links to excerpts, author’s websites, and places where you can find more information on the book are included, along with series information and the publisher’s book description. Cover images are affiliate links to Bookshop, and I earn from qualifying purchases.

Happy House of the Dragon day to everyone else who is excited about it! (I am obsessed and can’t get enough of this show and all the messy drama.)

I’m a week behind on this, but before I get to last week’s book, here are the other posts since the last one of these features in case you missed them:

On to the new book!

Night of Demons and Saints by Menna van Praag Book Cover

Night of Demons and Saints (The Sisters Grimm #2) by Menna van Praag

The second novel in the contemporary dark fantasy series The Sisters Grimm will be released on October 25 (trade paperback, ebook, audiobook).

The publisher’s website has a sample from Night of Demons and Saints, as well as audio and text samples from the first book, The Sisters Grimm.


All Hallows’ Eve meets All Saints’ Day in critically acclaimed author Menna van Praag’s mesmerizing second book featuring the Sisters Grimm—a dark, contemporary fantasy that skillfully blends love, obsession, and dark magic.

After the battle with their demon father ends in a devastating loss, the Grimm sisters are separated. But, now three years later, as their twenty-first birthday approaches, dark fate brings them together once more.

For Goldie, this birthday is overshadowed by sorrow. She cannot forget the outcome of that battle, the devastating tragedy that has wreaked havoc on her already turbulent waking life. While her sisters have thrown themselves into their own endeavors, Goldie has grown distant and inconsolable. Driven by grief, she devises a diabolical plan using a human sacrifice to resurrect what she has lost.

When Liyana unexpectedly discovers what Goldie intends to do, she agrees to help if Goldie will try another way, without sacrificing a life. Returning to Everwhere, they combine their powerful magic to bring back what Goldie has lost. But something goes terribly wrong, and Scarlet is showing signs of being possessed by an evil spirit.

With their lives at stake, the sisters realize they must confront their personal trauma, make amends with the past, and once again prepare for a demonic fight to come.

On the night of their birthday, battle ensues . . . and tragedy strikes once more.