Author: John
Arthur C. Clarke has died

Arthur C. Clarke, one of the few true visionaries of science and science fiction in the twentieth century, died today. Clarke is in a very select category of people, along with a few others like Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan, who not only showed what the future could be but also worked to help create it. Anything I write would be insufficient to describe his impact on the world we live in, both through influencing others and his own direct […]

Guest Review of Variable Star

Variable Starby Spider Robinson and Robert A. Heinlein320pp (Hardcover)My Rating: 9/10Amazon Rating: 3.5/5LibraryThing Rating: 3.88/5Goodreads Rating: 3.51/5 Variable Star is, as described in the preface, “a posthumous collaboration, begun when one of its collaborators was seven and completed when the other was seventeen-years-dead.” Happily, it is not the disaster that one might fear would result from such a situation. Most of the reason for that is the sheer level of talent of the two collaborators: the grandmaster Robert A. Heinlein […]